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Mass animations with jQuery

In a recent web app project that uses jQuery on the client we needed to animate many many HTML elements (about 1500) at once and synchronously. As the normal animate method of jQuery does the animation on each element setting its element style one gets pretty fast into performance troubles when doing such mass animations. [...]

QuerySolr – a jQuery Solr library

Today I released QuerySolr. It is a small jQuery library for easily sending Ajax Solr requests. A Solr query using QuerySolr looks like this: $.querysolr({ host: "", port: "8983", params: { q: "*:*", fq: "type:car" }, callback: function(data) { // do something with the returned Solr JSON results } }).query(); // and finally send the [...]

Ticker – a jQuery UI Twitter like ticker

When you are not logged into Twitter and visit the start page an elegant live ticker shows up. I also wanted something like this, so I created one on top of the jQuery UI framework. In the most simple way (just rotating) you can create it on a div containing a list <div id="ticker"> <ul> [...]