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Index external models with Sunspot/Solr

Lately I wanted to index all tags of ActsAsTaggableOn for full text search and autosuggestions using Solr resp. Sunspot. The ActiveRecord models of ActsAsTaggableOn are unfortunately not directly accessible as they are located in the ActsAsTaggableOn gem. Fortunately that is pretty easy to solve by using metaprogramming techniques. So I added an additional initializer named [...]

QuerySolr – a jQuery Solr library

Today I released QuerySolr. It is a small jQuery library for easily sending Ajax Solr requests. A Solr query using QuerySolr looks like this: $.querysolr({ host: "", port: "8983", params: { q: "*:*", fq: "type:car" }, callback: function(data) { // do something with the returned Solr JSON results } }).query(); // and finally send the [...]

Autocompletion / autosuggestion using Solr

There are several options available for getting autocompletion/autosuggestion to work with Solr. Below is an overview of these options and their advantages respectively disadvantages. If you have a question about one of these techniques then please feel free to leave a comment (just added DISQUS as comment system to my blog). I will write another [...]